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Space Clearing

International Life Coach &
Clutter Specialist

Welcome Home. I'm Kim!

I blend many years of experiences, work and study to provide you with a depth of knowledge, guidance and wisdom which can help transform your life. Intuitive by nature, I weave 15 years of physical clutter clearing with holistic modalities of energy work, movement and space clearing.

Having lived in many types of homes, my ability to create 'Home' anywhere is my gift. Maybe this is something you'd like to embody as well?

Despite having such a strong desire for 'home', I am also a seeker. I've journeyed far and wide in my search for inner peace, transformation and natural beauty. I've been fortunate to explore parts of Bali, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Europe and Mexico as a solo-traveler and on yoga retreats. From these incredible experiences, I've found such joy, confidence and creative expression of self that I can definitely say, "Travel is a passion!"

Space Clearing

My Business Has Transformed As I Have Grown

I've gone from pushing to make it happen to allowing it all to happen. Through the emotional clearing work, I, and therefore, my coaching practice has reached new levels of satisfaction and joy; where things were once stuck, exhausting and frustrating, they are now easy and free flowing.

I'm a Certified Master Freedom Facilitator and a Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainer, coaching people just like you to unlock your potential for more; more clarity, more happiness, and more FREEDOM!!

In my coaching practice, I use powerful mindset and re-framing tools to guide you to breakthrough your limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging perspectives that may be holding you back, releasing you from years of struggle. Together, we'll clear your unconscious blocks, so you can feel empowered to really live the life you desire!

If you're craving a bigger life worth living - and to open up to greater possibilities, beauty and the power within - that's what really juices me!!

Book your free call with me and we'll identify what's currently blocking you, so we can design a path forward to get you unstuck.

Let's explore the adventure together!

With so much love,


Space Clearing

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There was a time when my life was in chaos and I felt very overwhelmed.

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