Online Program - Space for Grace

Professional Organizer, Clutter, and Life Coach in Moncton

Virtual Professional Organizer

Easily follow my step-by-step signature method; G.R.A.C.E., the all-in-one, self-directed program that includes...

  • Short videos instructing on practical 'how-to' get organized (only what you need)
  • Audios to motivate and clarify
  • Interactive companion workbook/journal
  • Lifetime access
  • Revisit again and again as your lifestyle changes
  • Learn how to declutter and organize your clothes, books and papers
  • Discover how important knowing your learning type is to setting up a successful system, tailored to you
  • Find out how to manage communal living spaces for your family
  • A special lesson on sentimental clutter
  • A whole module dedicated to cultivating new habits and letting go of old ones that keep you stuck and struggling
  • Bonus materials to advance your progress forward
  • Beautifully, professionally graphic designed materials

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