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Easily follow my step-by-step signature method; G.R.A.C.E., the all-in-one online program that includes...

  • Live Group Coaching calls weekly via Zoom
  • Videos instructing on practical 'how-to' get organized
  • Audios to motivate and clarify
  • Interactive online workbook/journal
  • Private Facebook group for connection and support
  • Tailored organizing solutions that work for your learning type

Unparalleled support from the moment you enroll.

Clear inside & out in just 6 weeks!

THE program that deals with WHY you accumulated clutter in the first place

Space for Grace is a 6-week online program with live coaching by me that also includes recorded audio, video, a beautiful workbook, weekly challenges, accountability, and community.
Thoughtfully packaged for one purpose:

To help you declutter your home, clear your limiting beliefs, and make space to live the life you want NOW.


Registration opens in May, 2022
Here's what Melina achieved with me:


Certified Freedom Leader Moncton


Certified Freedom Leader Moncton

"Struggling with ADHD, a blended family & a full-time career, I could never have done this on my own"

Here are 4 ways Space for Grace will change your life:

Change Your Home

Through weekly challenges, focusing on one category of clutter at a time, you will declutter every major area of your home.

Make Decisions Easily

Find out your learning type and organize to optimize! As well as handle sentimental clutter with empathetic support. 

Get Crystal Clear

Clarify your 'why'. This is your secret weapon to getting and staying motivated for the whole program.

Clear Your Blocks

THIS is what makes all the difference in the world, coaching with me, Certified Master Freedom Leader, to clear your limiting beliefs which create the majority of resistance you are carrying. Without doing this work, you risk all the clutter returning.

If you can check off 5 of the 7 items on the list below, then Space for Grace is right for you:

Here are 4 ways Space for Grace will change your life:

  1. You're just getting started with getting organized, and you need motivation and inspiration for the long haul.
  2. You've tackled some areas of your home already, but find yourself struggling to follow through or keep up with the work once it's done.
  3. You're willing to put in the work of looking into your mindset/your perspectives/your dominant negative emotions and open to letting go of thoughts and things that are keeping you stuck.
  4. You're already spending a few hours a week (or more) tidying but you're tired of shifting things around and not seeing results.
  5. You're excited about the possibility of never searching for lost things, arriving on time to appointments, and never picking up after everyone else again.
  6. You're tickled about the vision of turning your home into a place where you can truly retreat, reset and rejuvenate, so you can go out into the world as a calm, peaceful, happy person ready to start your day!
  7. You're ready to start your journey, together with me, towards living a life you love in a space with grace.


Space for Grace comes with 1:1 LIVE weekly coaching with me (recorded for your convenience) & a supportive community to cheer you every step of the way!
I'm Kim, the host of Space for Grace.

Founder of Kim Sneath, The Clutter Coach and Clutter Busters

Over the past 15 years, I've helped thousands of busy women and men around the world eliminate overwhelm and take control of their homes, schedules and lives. I use an inside-out approach by coaching the person who has the clutter, rather than focusing on the house that has the clutter in it.

You want to get organized. But you're unsure of how to start.

For a while now, you've been feeling the weight of clutter, the heavy, dense energy in your home and your life dragging it all down. You'd like to live life with ease and joy.

But even when you tackle one area or project, there's always so much more to do...and so many reasons to keep things for sentimental reasons or "just in case". It's like fighting a losing battle in your own home to declutter and get organized.

Space for Grace can help.

My Promise To You

We all know that sometimes life happens - so this program is simply a one-time purchase that gives you access to the teaching and community forever.


Spring session begins May, 2022
A Week-by-Week Breakdown of What We Will Learn Together

Space for Grace is a 6-week online program with coaching that includes audios, videos, a workbook, weekly challenges, accountability, and community.

Virtual Breakthrough Coach

Week #1 - Go Within and Get Clear

Go withing and delve deep before jumping in. This is where you get focused to go on this journey, to reach your goals and so you can feel safe and supported to clear your space and your mind with less fear.

Weeks #2 & 3 - Release without Fear

Release through focused intention on setting your goals into inspired action. As you do, you may hear a new voice emerging (your inner being). Move towards this voice of clarity, unconditional love and support, trusting it and increasing your awareness for greater ease and flow.

Week #4 - Arrange and Align

Alignment is the first step in the Law of Attraction. Arranging by getting things back into alignment allows you to transform your space and your life.

Week #5 - Cultivate Habits

Clarifying what isn't serving you anymore so that you can adopt new habits that will help you map out what goes and what stays, both from an internal perspective and an external perspective.

Week #6 - Embody, Embrace and Empower!

As you make these changes, each and every day will become a more empowering experience. Solidifying new practices and making commitments throughout, helps you to embody these changes you have made both inside and out.

Will you join us and make Space for Grace?

Stop letting overwhelm, guilt and stress stand in your way.

The home you desire is just 6 weeks away.

Feel freer and lighter..

Own your stuff instead of letting it own you (even mementos, keepsakes, gifts and other guilt-ridden things weighing you down)...

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

When are the weekly LIVE coaching calls?

In a small group setting, we come to a consensus and choose a day and time when all or most participants can attend live with me. We meet every week via Zoom for 6 weeks and you can record the calls on your computer if you wish. Reach out and let us know you'll be joining us!

How do I attend the LIVE sessions?

I will provide a private Zoom link for you to join us live every week.

Will the calls be recorded?

Yes, if you wish, as a member of Space for Grace, you can record the live calls on your computer.

How do I get access to the new Facebook group?

After your payment is received for Space for Grace, you will be invited to the small, private Space for Grace Facebook group which is exclusively for participants of this program.

How do I get access to the program materials?

Once your payment is received, you will be prompted via email, to set up your password. This gains you access to all the Space for Grace audio, video, and workbook materials.

Can I add on 1:1 coaching with Kim?

Yes. At any point during or after the Space for Grace program, you can book an individual 1:1 private coaching session. This makes a great pairing with the group program! Contact me for pricing.

What if I struggle to 'keep up.'

There's no such thing because you have the materials for life, so you can tune in at any time of day or night or anytime during the year. We understand that life happens sometimes...this allows you to pick up the program when you can commit the time again.

What if I'm not comfortable with technology or FB?

Not a problem. Some people create a temporary, private profile on Facebook, just so they can join the Space for Grace FB Group and then leave Facebook afterwards. And...if you were able to attend my Clutter Buster Challenge 2022 LIVE or watch replays, you won't have any issues with Space for Grace online.

Register today and get Space for Grace today


Join us now for our spring session!

Also, if you sign up for this round of the program, I'll gift you a PDF of my Mind Clutter Minimizer for FREE!

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