"I clear mental and physical clutter for people who are ready to shift by guiding them through my step by step process, empowering individuals to move beyond any limitation that holds them back." - Kim Sneath
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How It Works

Perfect if you prefer private 1:1 coaching to completely up-level your life, and your home and gain clarity over your biggest challenges. Our sessions can include any of the following...

  • Private Breakthrough Coaching through your blocks; clutter and otherwise
  • An Attraction Point Audit
  • Goal setting - related or unrelated to clutter
  • The Belief Tree process to clear your limiting beliefs
  • The Freedom Formula process to unlock overthinking
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique 'Tapping') to support you through tougher emotions
  • Weekly 1 hr sessions via Zoom, 12 weeks
  • Email support throughout

Choose your preferred time and take advantage of the opportunity to work privately and experience energetic shifts that stick!

Unparalleled support from the moment you begin.

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Breakthrough Coach Moncton

"I have a rhythm that feels so good now. I'm celebrating going forward. I have less anxiety about stuff and confidence that I can handle this. I'm prioritizing me!" - anonymous client


    Struggled for Years

    "Kim has helped me in a way that I didn't expect at all. We did work on the methods to declu..."

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    Lea R - 2021-09-02

    Mind Clutter

    "Kim has a way of cutting through the mind clutter. Her coaching is unique and valuab..."

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    Sue Z - 2022-19-01

    Paper 'Weight'

    "Following our session, I went on a massive purge over the weekend and I'm still not done..."

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    Piers M - 2021-21-03