A Week-By-Week Breakdown Of What We Will Learn Together

A Week-By-Week Breakdown Of What We Will Learn Together

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Space for Grace is a 6-week online program with coaching that includes audios, videos, a workbook, weekly challenges, accountability, and community.

Virtual Clutter Coach

  • Week #1 - Go Within and Get Clear
    Go within and develop deep before jumping in. This is where you get focused to go on this journey, to reach your goals and so you can feel safe and supported to clear your space and your mind with less fear.
  • Weeks #2 & 3 - Release without Fear
    Release through focused intention on setting your goals into inspired action. As you do, you may hear a new voice emerging (your inner being). Move towards this voice of clarity, unconditional love and support, trusting it and increasing your awareness for greater ease and flow.
  • Week #4 - Arrange and Align
    Alignment is the first step in the Law of Attraction. Arranging by getting things back into alignment allows you to transform your space and your life.
  • Week #5 - Cultivate Habits
    Clarifying what isn't serving you anymore so that you can adopt new habits that will help you map out what goes and what stays, both from an internal perspective and an external perspective.
  • Week #6 - Embody, Embrace and Empower!
    As you make these changes, each and every day will become a more empowering experience. Solidifying new practices and making commitments throughout, helps you to embody these changes you have made both inside and out.